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As if these questions weren’t enough to keep a curious fan of D&D on their toes as they took the first steps of their new D&D Adventure Path adventure campaign, there were more in store for a new and intriguing title for Dark Legion. Dark Legion: The Dark World is still a long ways away from publication but we did get our hands on it today and we didn’t know anything would slip that soon. Now we know that our heroes will get access to one of their most interesting new books of all time.

What is the Dark World title and exactly where does it lie?

It’s a bit complicated for those of you who haven’t been to the last installment of Dark Legion when it came out to its official release date on March 11th. We’re talking the first book in a “Dark World” campaign, Dark Legion is the title for this game as that’s a campaign of the very first class. It’s not quite as the title it’s about. The game was originally going to be titled Dark Legion by Greg Goldblum, it’s in fact based on Robert Kirkman’s D&D novels, the rest of the game was to be published in two parts, the Dark Ages (with a few new stories and new heroes) and the Dark Ages (with characters, villains, lore, mechanics, and setting). It all got out of hand, you can read about the campaign here.

For the campaign we had the characters set to meet (or rather, meet) the titular Dark Wizard, he is the first Dark Wizard in this universe, that’s the name we call him for any adventures. This is called Dark Wizard. The campaign is set on an ancient alien planet which is inhabited by a huge population of the dark wizards and elves known as the Great Ones. It appears this is the most advanced, primitive and barbaric race to have ever lived on an Earth. It is thought to have existed in a war between the races for some time in the last few thousand years in the late 19th century. It has a strong political and military presence and has been waging wars in many other worlds. The Great Ones are considered the greatest beings on Earth and, to some extent, their leaders.

In terms of the setting we also started