To ensure the highest number of contracts available. It is my recommendation obtain a ENLC license that will give you access to all states with in the compact group. This allows for the greatest number of opportunities and contracts to be available at any given time to you.

The new eNLC requires applicants to:

  • Graduate from a board-approved education program
  • Hold an active, unencumbered license
  • Undergo a state and federal fingerprint-based criminal background check
  • Pass an NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN Exam
  • Meet the requirements for licensure in their original state of residency
  • Pass an English proficiency exam (for international graduates)
  • Have a valid United States social security number
  • Disclose current participation in an alternative program (applicants are unable to participate in an alternative program)
  • Not have any state or federal felony convictions, nor misdemeanor convictions related to the practice of nursing

One of the biggest limitations is that you must be a resident in a state that participates in the compact. In order to join you must be a resident.

As information may change. Please add any additional information that may have been missed or changed in the comments.

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