Best Travel Company in the Industry!

How do you determine the best travel company in the industry?  Simply answering with a name or one criteria for consideration would be reductive for something so important to you.  As your Facebook might say, it’s complicated. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of why it’s a complex answer.  Let’s say you’re in the market for a new vehicle; how do you determine the best car in the industry?  Do you care about reliability?  Size?  Price?  Color?   Safety?  Brand?  If you care about all of the above then at best, you can only determine the best car for YOU.  Other buyers may care about different things than you do so what matters to you is not necessarily the defining characteristics of the “best car in the industry”, rather the one that suits you best.  And isn’t that the most important thing, anyway?

Reframing the question to determine the best travel nursing company for you is really the only way to move forward.  Do you care most for the paycheck?  Then it should be easy to determine the best company for you.  Do you care about the support you will receive while on assignment?  That quality is more difficult to gauge before actually accepting a contract. 

For the people who really want benefits, they must determine if it’s better to accept a contract with a company that provides everything and has lower pay versus a company that has higher pay but no benefits.  Can you purchase the desired benefits cheaper and therefore take home more money or can you not?

Do you want housing provided for you?  Even if the housing reimbursement would allow you to take home more money after paying for housing you find yourself?  These are all questions (and answers) that are specific to your individual tastes and all of which will determine the best travel company for you.  This is a situation where a good fit between the travel nurse and the company overall is the most important criteria and the one most likely to lead to continued success in this field of work.

So how do you determine the best company for you, then?  Firstly, take a good look at your motivation to be a travel nurse.  Those motivators will drive your career and while they may evolve or change over time, your priorities will most likely remain intact as-is.  Once you have your needs aligned in your mind, it’s time to proceed to the second step: talking with a recruiter. 

Communication is key in travel nursing, as it is in everything in this world.  It’s unfair to expect your company to read your mind, just as you cannot truly understand the patients you care for without the bedside interaction.  So talk; ask questions; answer ones posed to you honestly.  A good partnership is discovered and built upon truth and comprehension.

And it should be noted, travel nursing today is far different than it was even a few years ago.  We now have texting and email where we once had only phone calls and faxes.  The ease of which texting can facilitate a new job into existence can make you think that an actual conversation is pointless.  It’s not.

There is no substitute for a conversation.  None.

When discovering the best travel company in the industry for you, absolutely insist on talking with your prospective recruiter.  Are they confident as well as knowledgeable?  Are they experienced as well as kind?  And perhaps most importantly, talk with them to discover if your personalities will mesh.   Do you need an assertive person to help guide your career path or do you need a calming and relaxed recruiting style?  Do you need a fighter who will push furiously on your behalf or do you work best with a comforting ear or shoulder?

Only you can know the answers to these questions.  But if you take the time to understand what your own needs are, the answer to which company is best will be an easy discovery. 

How do you decide with whom you will travel?  Let us know!