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About Us


Hi, We are the Road Map to Success, Founded by Justin, a Seasoned Travel Nurse.

Our Entire Purpose is to educate and provide the tools for nurses and other healthcare workers to succeed in their endeavors.

What Makes The Road Map relevant?

  1. The information contained in this site is not only first hand knowledge from a seasoned traveler… I have interviewed or sourced information from industry professionals. Agents, Financial Advisors, Tax Professionals, Travel Nurses, etc.
  2. We offer 1 on 1 counseling to you started on YOUR road.
  3. A safe place to hang out: We are creating a community!
  4. There are no fees what’s so ever. If you feel like we offered something of value feel free to Donate $5 or something, or if you are in the market for new gear check out some of the solid products that we recommend.
  5. 100% Volunteer driven.

About Me!

Hi, My name is Justin Fancher. I’m a CVICU nurse. I’ve been a nurse for 7 years now. 3 years were spent learning how to take care of critical care patients, and the last 4 years have been spent traveling the united states and the world. I even met my wife, Shristi, in Nepal. (Currently Exploring the Napa Valley as a Travel Nurse)

Ever Since I was in nursing school, I’ve had a focus of educating my fellow nurses. I became the Student Nurses Association president at my university and prioritized on bringing outside disciplines in, to teach about what they do and what its like to work in that profession. This gave myself and my fellow nurses an ability to learn and understand insider knowledge regarding various career paths such as CRNA, NP, Flight Nursing etc. We touched on, education, job itself, income. hours required to work and many other topics.

Now.. that I’ve completely fallen for the travel nursing lifestyle and have spent years learning the industry. I want to host a website that walks you through the process of how to be successful in the industry. I want to Skip all the BS and give you important information and insider knowledge 🙂 This site is meant to give a solid foundation for both new and seasoned travelers, and even teach about financial success for retirement.

Additional Projects

– Building temporary homes for people in need after Nepalese Earthquake. – completed

– Creating a tourism travel company that utilizes local people in Nepal – COMING SOON (Feel free to inquire)

– Working with Local communities to make Hand Made items in Nepal – KICKSTARTER COMING SOON.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple… to educate and inform so that people can be more successful.